Framework PnP-JS-Core - if you dont have it already then you are missing something


pretty new to SPFx but was super impressed on how easy this was to set up and use even for a newcomer. Having spent hours reading REST documentation in the past trying to find a syntax, this is such a time saving.

Intellisense, makes it quick to get code right and the performance is excellent.

within a few minutes I had my demo lookup up and running. great stuff.


well worth taking some time out to grab this.

why would you waste time crafting tedious REST calls when someone has done the work....


Vesa Juvonen has a good demo here and there are some tutorial videos.

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Hey Kath,


Here is not the answer but my personal opinion.


PnP JS Core is a great library and can be used together with SPFx, no problem. It can be easily installed as a drop in dependency and ready to go.


At the same time, any framework aims to keep as fewer dependencies as possible and provide a power of choice for the developer what to use. And yes, a lot of folks successfully use PnP JS Core in their SPFx solutions.


It's my own recommendation too, as PnP JS Core and TypeScript are the real time savers in the modern JS world.