Found a bug in the quicklinks webpart (SPO modern)

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I found a bug in the quick-links webpart on a modern-page. when i add a new link to an existing quick-links webpart and i save the page the link works, when i edit the page again en reposition the location of the link and save the page, the link disappears. 

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@Daan_N I just tried following the steps mentioned in your response and it is working fine for me.


Link does not disappear after re-positioning the link and publishing the page.


Maybe it is a browser caching issue at your end. Try clearing browser cache and cookies (for all time) after re-positioning the link and publishing the page. Then re-login to SharePoint again and open the page. 

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Hi @ganeshsanap it seems to be a problem that only lives in a single Team site that is connected a Team. i will clear the cache and cookies and try again.