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I have a custom list that is embedded as a webpart on another page.  The list is limited to displaying 7 lines, but I know it actually contains 13 items.  When I try to use the button at the bottom of the list to view items 8-13, nothing happens.  I can go to site content and look at this same list when it is not being displayed as a webpart on a page, and the FORWARD button works as expected.  What do I need to do to get the FORWARD button working again?  It used to work just fine.




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@KelleyE1229 , just a few ideas on what you can do with your list.

a) Go to your View "All Items", then click on the second last option about editing your actual view.

b) In this Options page of your view you have to search for a section, in screenshot (sorry, its german) it is the item limit of shown elements "Eintragsgrenze". There you can define the number, in default it is 30 items on a list page. I guess, someone limited your shown items to 7, but only a guess.

Change this number back to 30 or something else you like to see in this view. To get your personal view in this list, go up to this options page and activate the checkpox to get your personal view. Save it.

c) you can also look at the other views and their options on that item shown number, as well! To do this you click on the gear at the top right of your List page, then to list settings - scroll down to the very last category "Views" and check all of your shown view options in here. And could be that the site owner has restricted only 7 items in this webpart shown to you and other members, if you can´t see or can´t edit this view.




Hope that helps. Otherwise there are some other restrictions your site owner made on this list and you should ask him or her to take back those restrictions. If you like my ideas on it, pls. give a Like.


Greets, Eva.

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@Eva Vogel Thanks Eva.  This didn't get me all the way there, but I think it helped.  I EDITED the page that contained the webpart list in question.  I then selected the webpart list and selected MODIFY VIEW.  I set the number of items limit to 30 and saved it.  I then reset the limit back to 7, and it seems to work now.  Fingers crossed that it doesn't change again.

@KelleyE1229 Okay.  The plot thickens.  I thought I had figured out a way to fix this problem, but the fix appears to have been temporary.  It was "fixed" until I accessed the same list from a homepage tile.  Then the button stopped working!  I have attached a a few PDF slides that show step-by-step how it appeared to go from "fixed" to "unfixed".  Any ideas to resolve are greatly appreciated.

@KelleyE1229 Dear Kelley, great to hear this, you are satisfied with my ideas. If not, please contact me again here in this community :) and have a good day!


ice-cold greetings from a snowy little village in Bavaria,


@KelleyE1229 did you save the changed views setting from 7 to 30 items, as a new setting only for yourself? In a SharePoint 2013 site and page you can set up this new view on to your webpart on this page which is connected to that homepage tile.

I post here a short explanation how you get your new view from that list into that list webpart. Hope, that helps.  Greets, Eva