Forms in SharePoint Lists: information about the input form

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With the new Forms funcionality in SharePoint Lists, is there a way to have two different Forms, and record in a column which one the user filled out?
Basically have Form 1 and Form 2, and a column that autofills based on the link the user used. 


(I have this setup already in PowerAutomate, but with the introduction of Forms, I was hoping I could have one less flow.)

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@julisp yes you can have multiple forms on the same list. See the video from Reza Dorrani where he discusses this from 7:27


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Hi @Rob_Elliott,


Thank you for the link!

I watched the video but it doesn't seem to answer my question.

I need to record information on which form the entry came from. I cannot use default value for the column, because I have no way to connect it to a specific Form.

The only solution I can think of is having an extra column per Form, make it required in the form and have the users fill it with some arbitrary information - but that will create a lot of extra unnecessary columns, which is pretty extensive and will make any other List flows more complicated.