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I have been fighting with a solution for the past couple of days and thought that maybe what I am expecting cannot be achieved. I have a Modern Team site where I have a list that I want to create a custom form using the customize with powerapps option. I would like to create a link on the left hand navigation that points directly to the form and is accessible via the desktop browser and the sharepoint mobile app. I create the custom form and use the copy link option to get the link. I update the link in the left navigation and can access via the desktop browser. However, I receive an error "something went wrong" when accessing via mobile. Are custom forms not supported on the Sharepoint mobile app?

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Currently they are not supported direct to the list:

However you can create stand alone Power App using the list as the data source that can work on both.

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Thats what I thought. Unfortunately, the standalone PowerApp is going to be a pain in the rear. I would have to create one for the phone view and one for the desktop view unless I wanted to spend all of the time required to make it responsive...which would be a huge pain. 

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Believe me I know your pain. I've wanted to do the same many times and had to create Mobile and Desktop versions of Apps. Honestly, I just create a mobile version and tell people they have to deal with the ugly mobile formatting lol.
You can always utilize the PowerApps Web Part which you can embed into a page to help with formatting on desktop by putting stuff around it, but again, still requires a custom app, and that app will populate into people's powerapps app list etc. I hope they fix it cause the App (form) sprawl can get out of hand over time.

Hi, there will be an additional limitation is going to be rolled out in the SharePoint mobile app. Microsoft is retiring 3 entry points to access SPO content using SharePoint mobile app! It plans to remove the shortcuts like the Popular tab, Recent files section and Recent tab from the SharePoint mobile app. Message ID: MC468489