Formatting partially not working in Webpart

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Hi all,

I have a strange phenomenon with a conditional formatted list view in webparts:


The lines in the list view is formatted as follows:

- if the column IFC (internal name $IFC) contains YES, format the line in Gold

- if the column Prozess-ID (internal name $LinkTitle) contains "n/a" format the line in CornflowerBlue

- if the line number is odd format the line in White

- if the line number is even format the line in LightGray.

This works fine.


But when I include this list view into a Webpart, the second format (n/a) does not work. Every other does so that the lines in question are formatted like odd or even.


Where is the formatting gone???

Does anyone have a similar problem? Or even better already solved it? ;)


Thanks in advance,


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@PaddyP1 Make sure "Prozess-ID" column is included/shown in list view in web part.


It is a known behavior of JSON formatting, in order to reference the column value in JSON, column should be included in list view.

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Thank you, your post led me to the solution...

The thing is, that Prozess-ID is the former Title-column and is available in 3 different forms:
- plain with not hyperlink behind

- with hyperlink to element and menu modify

- with hyperlink to element.

I saw that the hyperlink-version was $LinkTitle, but I was not aware that I had to use $Title for the plain version instead of Prozess-ID. So JSON formatting didn't work though I added the column tho the view.

Works fine now :)

@PaddyP1 Great, glad it worked for you. JSON formatting supports internal name of column and not display name.

Check: How To Find the internal name of SharePoint column 

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Good to know! Especially when fields are named field_1, field_2 internally... not very helpful for clear code!