Format Sharepoint List View - Gallery View - Format 'Grouped by" headers - Format sp-card-container

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Hi all,


I am having A LOT of trouble figuring out how to format my sharepoint list and I have almost reached defeat. I am trying to figure out how to format the sharepoint list view so that I can

  1. Format the "title" (grouped by title column) to remove the column name (which is title) and just leave the value of the column as the title;
  2. edit the 'cards' so that column 1 and column 2 display next to each other, rather than underneath each other; and finally
  3. to make the 'cards' shorted / less 'padded'


I have included below a screen shot of what my list currently looks like and what I would like it to look like!


ANY help you can provide would be VERY MUCH appreciated


(also I should say, in case it was not already apparent - I am very new to this whole JSON code/format concept)

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