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I have created an on-boarding reading list for a business with a button for new employees to click/tap to acknowledge they have read and understood each item in the list. I have made the list in gallery view so the employees get an image of the front page of the document they are to read, then click the image and it opens the document to read. They then click back to the gallery view and click/tap an icon that opens a Power Apps form with a button saying they have read and understood the document. That then saves an item in another list, their name, the name of the document and the date.

It all works really neatly. However, the only thing I am missing is some feedback to the user on which documents they have signed off on. I guess I could have my Power Apps form send them a confirmation email for each item as they click on it but what I'd really like is for there to be a green tick/check icon next to the items they have signed off on. To do that the list formatting JSON would need to look up my acknowledgement list, find the user and the document name and display an icon if the details are found. I don't know if that is possible. Does anyone know if it can be done, or have other ideas on how to achieve what I want?

Here's a pic of what my gallery looks like:

2022-07-27 16_59_39-HR - Staff - Getting Started library - Default Gallery View — Mozilla Firefox (P.png


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@KarlInOZ780 No, you cannot reference column from another list in JSON formatting.


Possible workaround:

  1. Create a person column with multiple selection enabled in the same list.
  2. Every time user provides feedback or acknowledge they have read and understood the document, you update the person column with that user's name.
  3. Use this person column from same list in JSON formatting.

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@ganeshsanap thank you for responding. Not really what I wanted to do due to privacy but it's a good suggestion. I'll probably do that.