Force Office Files to Open in Desktop App (via link, from web parts.. in all cases)

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I want to force Office files stored in SharePoint to open in the desktop app - NEVER in Office Online apps. I have configured the site and the Document Library but opening in the native app only seems to work when navigating to the file in the DL and clicking it directly. Web Parts seem to always open the web app, as do links copied via the "Share" or "Copy Link" options in the DL. 


I've made up quick video to show and tell:


Note - while I was making the video, I stumbled upon a workaround for when we share links internally via e-mail (and maybe I can use the same workaround when sending files in Teams.)


I also fumble through trying to explain what I've been toying with as far as other workarounds.. the limitations of my technical capabilities will be apparent!


I already looked at several other posts, e.g.:

Recorded with ScreenCastify (, the screen video recorder for Chrome
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