Footer is not displaying in my Modern Hub team Site?

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Hi Experts,


I have created a Modern Intranet Hub Site using Team Site(Online SharePoint). and remaing sites are Communication sites.I have applied the set_pnpFooter Enabled shell command to display footer option. Then after, Footer is enabled for all sites which are under Hub site. Now the problem is  Footer is not visible on Look change Theme ( I can see only Header,Theme, Navigation options) when check on the hub site. So Can you please suggest me, What are step need to do , to show the footer option in my HUb Site.


Pin Points: 1)Hub Site is Team site ( we used Rss feeds for Hub Site)

                  2) Remaining sites are communication sites

                  3) I dont want to use third party linke Generator or Theme Builder.



 when ever i click on Classic the look options is is navigating to SampleTheme Site pages.


Note: Footer has been enable for all communication sites.

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Footer is only available for communication sites. Sounds like your template is Team Site and footer can't be enabled on Team Site.


@Alireza Rahimifarid , Thank for Reply and confirmation. RSS and Google Analytics webparts are not showing in the communication site. Is there required any setting changes to enable RSS and GA webparts in communication site. 


Thanks for your reply.


No by design some of the webpart is only show to the sites connected to Office 365 Groups (like your Team Site) 



Make a communication site and you would get an option to add a footer.

I hope this helps!

@naresh1988 I know this is old but I have had people refer to it. I would keep the Teams site for the additional functionality and if you need a footer create a new section at the bottom of the screen to contain the footer details. You can use this to make it look and function like a footer without it being a true footer.