Follow up list with with SharePoint or other software?

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Does Microsoft have a software or SP list functionality that can work as a smart follow up list? If not what out of box software would you suggest for this?

Here's what I'd like to do:

1. Add customers for follow up, along with the assigned employee and a "resolve by" deadline

2. Employees should  call customers for up to 12 total attempts. Until they either:

A. Mark the case resolved, B. Exhausted 12 attempts or C. The "resolve by" date has passed

Once A, B or C satisfied it should automatically no longer show it assigned to the employee's list.

3. Follow up attempts should ideally be spaced 5 days apart so it should show the employee the last attempt date so they can gauge when next to call.
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My recommendation would be to create a new blank list and add following colums:


CustomerName (Title) -- Single line of text

Employee -- Person

Resolve By Date -- Date/Time

Next Follow-up Date -- Date/Time

Follow-up Attempts --  number

Case Status -- Choice Field


With the columns above you could create a view which hides the items which you don't want to see anymore. This process could be automated with Power Automate as well...