Follow Feature Not Working in Sharepoint Online

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The Follow feature is not working on our company's Sharepoint online website. When a user clicks the star next to Follow to follow a page, either the star is deselected when they come back to the page or the Follow star is selected for each page throughout the site.


Is this a known bug or is it just our site? Is there a way to fix it?

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Follow through the entire site is normal. There isn't a follow for each page, it's for the entire site collection.

The deselected happens usually when I site / user is brand new or it's usually their first site to follow or service issue, but it usually works the next time. But all pages having the follow is normal.

Thank you @Chris Webb for your response. 


I now understand that the follow feature will follow the entire site collection. 


But, we are still having issues with the follow feature still being de-selected, even for our veteran employees. They will select the follow feature and after a few days the feature is de-selected (all on its own). What do you suggest for this?

Only thing I can think of is make sure your users aren't clicking the star's to close out the sites on the SharePoint homepage to remove them. This is unfollowing the sites. If they aren't touching anything then you pretty much probably only left with submitting a support ticket through the admin portal for the issue and see if they can spot something in logs?

@Chris Webb 

Great! Thanks for the quick response. I'll open up a ticket for this. It is happening for several users.

Darf man erfahren, was herausgekommen ist? Ich hätte auch gerne die Lösung des Problems erfahren.

@Roberta_Ray  did you solve this? experiencing the same thing

I'm seeing this issue as well, but only on our Classic SharePoint sites. It is working on our Modern sites.

On a classic site if you hit "follow", a pop up displays "you are now following this site". Once the pop up disappears, the star is empty and still shows as not following. This is happening for all our users.

@mikey365 This is happening to us too. Is there a fix? We're launching a new intranet page and this is problematic at the moment.

Havingd ssame issue, anyone figure this out yet?



Same issue here. Clicking "Follow" on a site has no effect. Any resolution?