Folders created in Teams, synced to local are being moved to recycle bin in an unknown way

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First post on techcommunity so please feel free to correct any missteps on my part. 


We have a user who has created a folder and file(s) locally that sync to the Teams site he works in with others. The folder and files have disappeared, ending up in his recycle bin multiple times, with the details saying it was him who deleted it. In one case it states that he deleted the file 20min before he arrived at work. If you have any ideas for us to start looking at I would appreciate your feedback.


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If the user has created files and folders locally they should also have been created in SharePoint once the sync completes. Is there any sign of them in SharePoint?  All files uploaded or created by the Teams interface are stored in SharePoint. 


What happens when you or another user syncs the same folder and creates the files/folders? 

@Andrew Hodges 

Thank you for your reply. I read some other info on this and they mentioned potential quarantine by anti-virus software. We removed Mcaffee and the issue seems to have gone away. Still waiting to see if this fix lasts. It makes some sense as we purchased this laptop from a retail store due to long lead times with OEM's right now. We don't have Mcaffee on any other machine.