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I'm planning on changing the folder structure of a SharePoint Online site and I was wondering, if I move a folder, does SharePoint user access provided via the Share button for the folder move with the folder or do I have to provide access again after it's moved?

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Good question ! I am curious to try it out soon. However, it depends on the type of link you are sharing. You have four different ways of sharing content. For exemple, if you select sharing for users with current access, then the link will be targeting the location, rathet than the folder/file id
If it’s in the same document library it’ll stay with the file. I’d you move libraries or sites then the sharing is list. At ignite they announced that rolling out in the near future is support for keeping sharing permissions when moving files but it will only work with explicit participants as new links do get generated and emails sent to the users with new link location so it’s kind of just an automated way of creating new sharing after moving.