Folder details in a Document Library for File Path - continual scrolling to the bottom

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In SharePoint Online, in a Modern Document Library, if I go to click on 


  1. Select the Folder
  2. Click on Details icon
  3. Get to the More Details
  4. SCROLL ^3
  5. FINALLY get down to the BOTTOM for Path and can click on it to copy the direct path




The issue I have is that I have to CONTINUALLY SCROLL DOWN and DOWN and DOWN to get to the bottom of ALL the activity.  This is something that is not too hold so maybe 20 seconds of scrolling with all the "activity" I do NOT care about, I wan the PATH!





I can finally get to the bottom and THEN get to the PATH to click and copy the direct path link.





Is there no way to make the "More Details" NOT display and only have the "Type folder" Path to make it so I can click that and avoid scrolling and getting frustrated?

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Hello @Matthew Carter 


i found this solution for your case:


Or maybe it's possible to create a action with View or Column Formatting like this, but to copy the path:


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr 

Classic copy seems to have gone away but the scrolling issue still exists. It would be great if I could just move the "Path" above the "Activity".


Could you please confirm whether Microsoft has developed a solution to this issue? If so, please provide me with the details of the solution, including any documentation or instructions on how to implement it.


I have had the same issue. this is what I use as a workaround:
1. File save as to the same folder and add an extension such as "1" at the end of the file.
2. I copy the file path of the new file and just subtract out the "1" or whatever you choose as the extension.