Flow taking too much time to run

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Hi everyone! Basically I created around 25 lists on SharePoint with 10-20 columns and all my flows (around 20 and linked with these lists) are simple and have the first trigger "When Item is Created or Modified".

The problem here is that's taking too much time to run theses flows (around 15 minutes). So when I create a new Item on the first list, for example, it stays there for a long time. When I modify any information on the 2nd list, sometimes it takes 1 minute and other times takes up to 15 minutes too. I don't know why is taking so much time because my lists are small and my flows are simple.

Curiosity here is that when I create or modify an item on any list, go to the flow webpage and click "test" (using a trigger action), the item on the list INSTANTLY disappear, follows to the list it's supposed to go and the flow works successfully.

Summing up, it seems like the items I create or modify on my lists only works fast when I test the flows on its webpage. Beside that, it takes a long time to work. 


Is it have to do with the lists? With the flows? With my Microsoft License? With Microsoft servers?

If you need any further information, let me know!

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