Flow or Alert on View/Open of file in SharePoint Online

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Situation: have a site that is for top management.  They want a completely closed document storage area.  Problem is system admin IT will always have the ability to access the documents if they desire.  Is there a way to set a flow or an alert that can notify our top management group when someone views or opens a file in their library?  I know we can alert/flow on change and download, but don't see that ability on just opening.

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Not sure what your license level is, but you should take a look at Alerts under Office 365 Security & Compliance. https://protection.office.com/alertpolicies
You can configure Alerts for file access and target it to specific site collections.

@KCMFCCIn addition to the Alerts in the Security and Compliance Center, you can set very advanced monitoring policies in Cloud App Security. You may also want to implement Azure Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention policies

Is there a way setup an alert by the user.  The options advised are possible, but administered by IT.  IT can always turn off an alert and turn it back on.  

if you assign different IT people to different roles, they can monitor one another.
You can use Azure Privileged Identity Management to required IT staff to request permission when they want to perform a task that requires an Admin Role
All of which can be circumvented by Global Admins.
In short, you need to trust your Global Admins and then look at PIM/PAM solutions.