Flow - Create new list then copy items from another list

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I am attempting to create a new list then copy items from a master list into the new list.


My problem is that at the time of writing the flow, the new list does not exist yet. I can use a variable to know what the new list will be called, however get the error "Item no longer present in the operation schema". I presume due to flow checking that the destination field exists...


I can get around this by first creating the list then editing the 'copy from one list to another' flow and setting the Create Item target to being an existing list, but this manual step makes the workflow clunky.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Calum

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My brain kicked in overnight ;)

Use an HTTP request:

I have a hard-coded version working at the moment. I'm hopeful that by parsing the list structure of the master list, I can grab the format of the new list to populate dynamically.

These two links were also helpful: