First list item or document is hidden behind the column header row.

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I started to observe a pretty annoying behavior of SharePoint lists and document libraries these days.

It appears that the first item in the list (or the first document in the library) is hidden behind the column header row:


When scrolling down one row, the item shows ABOVE the column header row, and the second entry in the list is hidden. If you filter for a single entry, the list or library appears empty, except if there are some fields with long text that stick out below the header row.

And if there are less than a page full of items, you simply miss the first one, because you can't scroll down to spot it above the header line.

This affects Chrome and Firefox, it is not present in Edge, although there is as well some strange behavior when scrolling down, at the very beginning the List/Library Title and the header row move first up and out of sight, and then pop down again.

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@Beat Zimmerman is this an OOB list or doc lib ? Do you have any custom solution deployed on it ? 

@Bruno Aleixothey are OOB with no customization at all. It affects all lists and libraries (except if you pin a document to the top in a library, which somehow put's the position of the div with the scrollable items in the right place.

@Beat Zimmerman do you have any spfx solution deployed on the site ? something that might be global like a menu or header/ footer ?

@Bruno Aleixo  not that I'm aware of, but will ask the admins.

Note that in Edge the first item in a list or library is visible, in Chrome or Firefox it's not.

@Beat Zimmerman @BrunoM 


Were you able to find a solution to this? This is showing up for me in Chrome but nothing in Edge or Internet Explorer. We have no customization. I do use a Hub but that is all default SP functionality.

@Diveshgup can you please raise a support ticket about it  and put a note on the ticket you are raising to contact me. "Bruno Aleixo"

@Bruno Aleixo 


I am not the admin of my organization but i am pretty sure we are not using any custom code. I am unable to open a ticket. I have requested my admin but he is out of office and will not be back till next week. Is it possible to do something still?

Experiencing this exact issue but it seems to be tied to a custom SharePoint Framework application customizer we use for a mega menu. Only occurs in Firefox and Chrome not in Edge.

@Beat ZimmermanI opened up a MS support ticket for this and they confirmed somehow our custom SPfx mega menu was causing the issue. This custom mega menu has been working for almost 3 years with no issue like this until a couple months ago. We can't get rid of our custom Mega menu yet. Long term goal is to use new out of the box mega menu but until then we need to figure this out. 

@Don Bridges 
I experienced the same using SPfx and CSS.

If you are using a SPfx file for your custom menue, chances are high that there is a custom stylesheet too.

If so you can add the following lines:

.ms-DetailsList-headerWrapper {

This will expand the header of lists and therefore show the first element of the list. In non Chromium based browsers there will be a slight margin before the first element, but I think that is acceptable.

@LarsThomas fortunately we were able to transition to the new out of the box Mega Menu which does not have this issue.