Find sites that use specific SPFx web part deployed at tenant level

Mahendran D

Hi All,


As an admin, is there a way to identify sites that are using specific SPFx web part deployed at tenant level? 


Why do we need? 

We want to inform those site owners before upgrading the web part which is deployed at tenant level. 


If there is no such feature available (even through APIs) then please vote for this idea here.


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Nice one...nothing out of the box so I only think this can be done through SharePoint APIs, but I'm not really aware if the SharePoint API provides this information

Yeah! I had the same doubt. As of now, I dont think there is an API / PowerShell commands available. 

Definitely we need this feature. 

Please vote for this idea;


You gave me a bit inspiration and so I looked into this issue a bit... I'm not 100% sure it works in all cases and it also only works on Modern pages... but I explored the idea of using Search API to find out if web parts are being used in an environment, and it worked for me.

I'd love to hear if this works for you.


Also, if it helps,  here is a more robust approach from someone on twitter about using Application Insights for any future analysis needs you may require. 


If you need some guidance on setting up SPFx and application insights, here is a post by Chris O'Brien on how to set this up.
Chris O'Brien's Blog on SPFx and App Insights


Thank you for the workaround. 

We have several classic sites. So we have to identify sites including Classic experience that have SPFx web part. 

I see that we can go with App Insights. Now, I will have to convince my management to get Azure instance for this request. (Believe me, it is not easy !!!!!)


It would be great if Microsoft comes with a standard solution (atleast for Admins). 

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