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We are currently migrating from SharePoint (2013) to SharePoint online. We want to migrate only documents from SP 2013 that have been accessed or opened in the last x days / years.


Is this possible?


I can see the modified and modified by columns, but this isn't very useful in our scenario, as a document could be opened every day but never modified.

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I'm not sure this can be possible.

Mostly all migration tool are using the last modified date as reference.


A possible approach (I never tried it) could be to query directly the back end SQL content database and see if any column "lastAccessDate" is present.


This is possible for site but not sure it exist anything similar for Docs: SharePoint site collection: Report Last access date and time - TechNet Articles - United States (Eng...

@jonboylib hello, this is possible, though i don't know if Microsoft's native tools can. third-party migration solutions with discovery tools (like AvePoint Fly Migrator) definitely can though.