Filters Pane Questions - Can they be reordered and which columns automatically appear?

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Hi all,


Does anyone know if there is a way to re-order the filters pane?  I would love to choose which filters appear towards the top.


Also, does anyone know why some columns automatically appear in the filters pane and others need pinning?





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AFAIK, the only way provided out of the box to move filters position in the filters pane is just given by the move you can do with the columns in the view where you are using the filters: if you move a column to the left and save the view, the related filter is going to move up in the filters pane
HI Juan,

I have just tried this out and the column ordering seems to make no difference to the order of the filters pane.
I did my test on Tuesday and It worked....bear in mind that once you move the columns in the view, you need to save the view and refresh the page
You can achieve the effect of reordering the items in the filter pane by:

1. Remove all items from the filters pane.
2. Go to each column you want in the filters pane, in the order you want it to appear, and select Columns Settings -- Pin to filters pane.