Filtering on Calculated Columns not working in SharePoint List

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I have a table where i created a calculated column for the Fiscal Year/Quarter = Example: FY2023/Q3. 

I used to be able to filter on this field but now when i filter on it, it provides 0 (ZERO) results. 


Any suggestions as to make this work again? Thank you. 


If i have to, i can create a flow to pull the calculated column into a text column...if I have to...but id rather not. 

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@guanel1 We are also experiencing the same problem. So are some others. I just posted to Filter is not working on Calculated Column - Microsoft Community to describe this issue that has happened recently.

@guanel1 @Peter_Board 

I noticed lot of customers are facing this issue in their SharePoint sites.


Try to use single line of text as return type for your calculated column like: 

ganeshsanap_0-1680250173593.pngNote: You may need to delete existing calculated column and create a new one with same formula in some case.

For detailed information, check my answer at: Filter over Calculated column over the SharePoint List view does not work 

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Hi Ganesh - so after initially thinking it was all fixed with making the column again (as it does work - Filter By right after making the calculated column again), I found that it breaks again if you re-arrange the columns in the List view. So for example, I want "Facility" to be the 2nd column, when I re-create the column its automatically added to the end of the list - if I re-arrange the list View column order, the Filter By command goes back to being broken.

(wrong) Happy to report that the problem seems to have been corrected today. I can now use "Filter By" on calculated columns again. No changes required. Microsoft seem to have corrected the bug that was causing the problem when viewing a List in a List only ASPX page.

Edit: I spoke to soon... it was working for a bit today, but now I tested again and its stopped working....

Edit: Ok, I found out that if you flush the Browser Cache, and reload the page - the Filter By works initially - but if you then reload the page, the Filter By stops working

I have been getting exactly same the issue since the end of February/start of March. Flushing the browser cache resolves it for us until you reload the page too. We are also having issues when grouping by the calculated column (results either duplicate or do not load). I have had a support ticket open for the last month with Microsoft but don't appear to be any closer to resolving this. For us, it is only affecting SharePoint lists (I have tried to replicate on a document library but this works fine).


I also created a branded new SP site, with a new list and a very simple calculated column but am still getting the issue on this one too.

@Sam1209 I also am having the same problem with a calculated column. As @Sam1209 said, "Flushing the browser cache resolves it for us until you reload the page."


How can I follow the ticket that you already opened with Microsoft? Can you share the link?

After several weeks of troubleshooting and escalating with Microsoft we have found that the issue is with Nucelus Sync.

I have been told by the support engineer on my case that you will need to add the following registry key to each device to disable nucleus sync until Microsoft implement a permanent fix:

[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive] "DisableNucleusSync" = "dword:1"

Thanks for that tip. I can confirm after testing today, that it does fix the issue for me as well.

According to the MS Page, its a policy that disables Syncing of Microsoft Lists in the One Drive client.
Prevent Lists sync from running on the device
By default, Lists sync is turned on for users of Microsoft Lists. If you enable this policy, Lists sync will be blocked from running on the device.

Prevent Lists sync from running on the device:
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive] "DisableNucleusSync" = "dword:1"
Re-enable Lists sync on the device:
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\OneDrive] "DisableNucleusSync" = "dword:0"

Setting the site to "No" for "Offline Client Availability" also appears to fix this without having to edit the registry (or if you are blocked from that).


Site Settings-->Search and offline availability

Offline Client Availability - set this to "No"