Filtering on any value existing in a column


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I have a client need to configure a list view to only show items where a date field contains an entry. 

I have seen people in the community advise that the filter should be "not equal to" and leave the value field BLANK when you modify the view.

This DOES NOT WORK once the list hits 5000 items, is this known and why does it not work (technical reason please and is there documentation on this?) as it looks like it does work before the limit is reached or is coming close to it. I'm not sure on when exactly SharePoint decides it doesn't like the quantity of items in a list.


So is there a way to just identify that a column contains a value in SharePoint that anyone is aware of? 


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See this link for more information, I hope it helps. :)

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Aref Halmstrand
No that does not answer my question at all, I know all that info already..
So I take it that you have configured indexing in the SP list for the specific columns?



Yes have done all those recommended approaches.


The main question is - how can you identify a column of any data type contains a value?

And this must work no matter how many items are in the list, documentation says SharePoint can handle up to 30 million rows, what use is this if it constantly falls over after 5000 records? 


We can't be getting users to maintain further processes (such as archiving data out of lists etc) due to system constraints.


Is there a MicroSoft expert in this community who can advise on best approach that they have executed themselves before?




I understand. Having the filter to apply on value not equal to empty (null) is correct. However, if the recommended approach has not helped with your issue, then we will have to wait on a MS expert or if you create a ticket on your M365 tenant.

Sorry for not being able to give you any better input for the moment.

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Aref Halmstrand
No worries Aref.

I did find that they were also filtering on a person field (they had multiple filters applied on date fields too) and once I removed the person field filter , removed all but one indexed date field, then it works..

So once a list goes over the 5000 limit an indexed field should work but don't use an OR clause on a non indexed field because SharePoint will try read through all records and thus fall over as per the constraints, does this seem like a root cause?