Filtering news pages and showing them in list/library in SharePoint

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I'm making a news site for our non profit organisation. When you post a news Sharepoint  creates an aditional page. I want to make a library so people can browse and shearch just news pages on the same site where the most resent news are showing in webpart. Is this possible?

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@Untuvakana you can't add news pages into a separate library, SharePoint will always add them to the Site Pages library. But when you add the news web part and publish news there is a See all link at the top right of the webpart which opens a page with just the news pages and has a Search News box at the top.



The other thing you can do is to display the Promoted State column in your Site Pages library, filter the pages on that column and select 2 (news items are always published with a Promoted State of 2.



The copy the url in the address bar and add the link onto your homepage. Your url will look something like this:


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