Filtering List Item using CAML query in sharepoint


I want to filter list items on the basis of Current user sharepoint group, so only list items having value in column same as sharepoint group name can display


I am using CAML query

<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="Vendor"/><Value Type="Text"><Membership Type="CurrentUserGroups"></Membership></Value></Eq></Where>


But its not working, 


If I put some hardcoded value to compare column value its work, but currentusergroup not working.


following CAML work:-


<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="Vendor"/><Value Type="Text">IBM</Value></Eq></Where>


what changes i Need to do , so CAML can fetch currentusergroup and compare it with column value of list item

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@rautchetan27try to use the below format

<Membership Type=\"CurrentUserGroups\">
  <FieldRef Name=\"AssignedTo\"/>

@Sudharsan K 


I tried following , but its give me syntax error, something is wrong with this CAML query


<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name="Vendor"/><Value Type="Text"><Membership Type=\"CurrentUserGroups\"><FieldRef Name=\"Vendor\"/></Membership></Value></Eq></Where>

@Sudharsan K 

I tried following, its not throwing any error, but also not filtering.

it showing all  list items without filter


<Membership Type=\"CurrentUserGroups\"><FieldRef Name=\"Vendor\"/></Membership>

@Sudharsan K 


Can I debug CAML query if we can check correct value coming in Currentusergroups

How we can check for value

@Sudharsan K 


do I need to put <Where> tag?


<where><Membership Type=\"CurrentUserGroups\"><FieldRef Name=\"Vendor\"/></Membership></Where>


I am really sorry for the delay, can you try using the below code

  <Membership Type=\"CurrentUserGroups\">
    <FieldRef Name=\"AssignedTo\"/>
    <FieldRef Name=\"AssignedTo\"></FieldRef>
    <Value Type=\"Integer\">