Filtering for records using multiple values in a enterprise keyword column

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Hello community!


I have created a enterprise keyword column in my documents list and added values to it. 


Currently, when I apply a filter for the keywords, the results will show records with x OR y. 

How can I filter for records with x AND y? 


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As we have Single Enterprise Keyword column.

I do not beleive you can have one item with both X & Y. As X and Y are two values for metadata.

Thanks for your input, @KotiReddy 

To clarify, if I wanted to filter for records tagged with Choice 11 AND 12, the results will give me all records with Choice 11 OR Choice 12.


Any ideas?


Screenshot 2023-06-28 083555.png

@carmen922 From GUI it may not possible .

Apply filter for one value and copy url . Using url add another value to filter as below. The filter will be as below.


A and B are my values here.



Thanks Koti! Appreciate it.
I also found another alternative: is creating a managed property and mapping to the crawled property for enterprise keyword as explained in this article,