Filtering choices in the SharePoint Document Details Pane

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Opening the [Details Pane] of a document saved in a List or Document library in SharePoint 365, to tag the meta data about the file.

Is there a way of filtering the choices of (in this case Reference 1) the list based on the choice (in this case Item Type)


When a user chooses [Cost] as an [Item Type], [Reference1] will only show meta data list items associated with [Cost]

       e.g Timesheet, Sales, Purchase Order

If the [Item Type] was [Health & Safety] then the [Reference 1] meta data list would only show

        Inductions, Qualifications, Accidents, Near Miss


SP Meta Data.jpg

Thanks for your time


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@NelVon Unfortunately, this is not possible in SharePoint as you cannot customize the Details Pane using SPFx or Power Apps.


You can only customize main lists forms or library properties forms.

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Thanks Ganesh
Disappointing. For how we use SharePoint it would really speed up the tagging of documents.