Filter views in the SharePoint mobile app and Microsoft Teams

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Hello dear community!


First of all: I am new here in the forum and hope very much that my request is fine like this.


I am building a Knowledge Hub in my company, where various information is collected and made accessible in the form of different files. After a file is uploaded, it is tagged with certain metadata, for example what kind of file it is and for which industry it is relevant. Afterwards, the file is then moved from the upload folder or upload library to the general folder. In the frontend I created a filtered views, so for example all files of a certain format or industry can be displayed. This works very well in the browser, but in the mobile app and the link in Microsoft Teams, filtered views are not displayed, but have to be recreated each time - so instead, the complete general folder is displayed. Is there a workaround for this? I am very happy about your ideas and comments!


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@FelixBalda I'm looking for the same solution. Have you found anything?

@johnnyhobart unfortunately not but let's keep us informed as soon as something changes