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Is there some sort of filter or search in the recycle bin to find a spesific deleted document, user deleted a document but can't remember the date and time, only parts of the name but browsed through the recycle bin but no luck.



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Unfortunately no...the only way to do something like waht you need is by means of a custom PowerShell Script / Code

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Thanks for the update.


Is there a public script available or should I write one myself and share it?



Completely agree that at least Site Collection admins should have a way to search, sort and refine the Recycle Bin. It's like searching for a needle in haystack and incredible waste of time. The other area that we have same issue is People and Groups.

Ugh.. 2022 and we're still having to scroll through the haystack looking for a needle.
@jvdwesthuizen did you end up finding/writing a search/filter script?

@jvdwesthuizen you can try to use this tool,

Release spoqa1.22.02.25 · abrcheng/SharePointOnlineQuickAssist (

the feature for filtering and restoring items from SPO recycle bin, a lot of users complain about they can't filter and restore items from recycle bin, so we developed this feature which allow user to perform below actions,

  1. Filter the items from recycle bin by delete date, delete by, path,




  1. After filtering items, user can restore all filtered items by clicking the restore button,



  2. After filtering items can export filtered items by clicking export button,