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I need to filter approx 200 items from a sharepoint list of 1400 items so that I can edit them and I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to do this!


The field that needs to be filtered is the title field.   Each of the 200 items have a unique title.  I have them in an excel spreadsheet so I can copy and paste them somewhere, but I can't seem to put more than one at a time in a filter  (I mean I can put more than one at a time on filter and then click apply but I can't paste 200 in I have to put each one in separately !)


Is there anyway to achieve what I want?



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One option I can think which is a bit labour intensive:-


Create a new column called "Show in View X" or similar and populate it. Filter on that.







Thanks @Andrew Hodges  No 100% sure what you mean?  

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At the moment there is no way to identify the 200 items in your list from the other items. To be able to create a view on those 200 items we need to be able to identify them.


Create a new column in the list with a Choice field or similar, call it whatever you want. For each of those 200 items set that column to Yes or the values that you set in the choice field. Then create a new view that filters on that column when it is not = "".   


That will then create a view with only the 200 items.