Filter Entire Document Library

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I have a Document Library with multiple folders and sub-folders that I would like to filter on.  I created a "CHOICE" column which can be assigned different categories (e.g. Category A, Category B, Category C....)


I would like to apply a filter to the Root folder and see only those folders (or items in the Root folder) which contain items assigned with, say, Category A.  The issue I have is that if the Root folder itself doesn't have any items assigned as Category A, then the resulting file list is blank EVEN THOUGH there are item in sub-folders of the Root folder that DO have items assigned with Category A.


Is there a fix for this?

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@Daniel Bonner 

From where you are trying to use the filter option? is it in SPFx or Power Automate? Are you using CAML query, if then try to use the recursive scope inside the query?


@Sudharsan K  this is within my SharePoint Site.  I open up a document library - click open the filter pane on the right hand side - then select the category I want to filter on.