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At my comopany we have customers than are members of groups.

I like to build a list so that they can add new members and delete members themselfes.


List A contains the group name, ID and additional information

List B contains the members


I have filtered list B so that the logged in person can just see the records they should see. 

For example:

Grp 1 members

Grp 2 members


When they should add a new member they need to choose which group it should be added to and I then want to limit the choices to the group IDs in the view.

The view shows group 1 and 2 how can I limit the lookup column that gets the groups from list A to just 1 and 2?

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@36048419 : This is very much possible through lookup column functionality, this is called cascading i.e. based on the selection of one column value it will show only related values in another column.

Which form type you are using :

1) SharePoint out of box (aspx) form

2) InforPath

3) PowerApps

@Ashish_Kohale At the oment we just have Sharepoint. Wish I hade Power Apps so I could make it a little bit more user friendly looking though.

@36048419 : Can you please search on google with cascading functionality, you will find client side script to achieve this or else let me know if you need any help on this.


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Since you have SharePoint Online, yo also have PowerApps to use in your tenant so you could implement the cascading functionality