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Hi everyone, I need help how to filter with lookup column which is on first list (Marketing Catalog) using JSON Script, and on second list (catalog order) using lookup column to join it.

And i want only status active is only show on second list (Catalog Order), can anyone help me?

I attach my picture for more detail

Thanks Active Catalog.png

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You cannot filter list views using JSON formatting. You need to edit your list view and apply necessary filters based on lookup column.


Check this documentation: Use filtering to modify a SharePoint view 


But for your case, In order to filter the 2nd list based on Status column, you should have the data (Active/Non Active) stored in column (Status), which is not possible using JSON formatting. 



  1. Go to 2nd list settings. In lookup column settings, select StartDate and EndDate under "Add a column to show each of these additional fields" section.
  2. Add necessary filter conditions based on StartDate and EndDate (Use [Today] to get today's date in filter conditions).

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Hi, can you give me more detail with screenshoot because I've problem when add [TODAY] on StartDate

Thanks for your help



Add list view filters something like below:

View filters.PNG

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