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Hey guys, how are you?

I'm new here and I don't know if this is a stupid question, but I really want to understand why this is happening.

I created a document library and I would like to filter a column by a specific text, but the option doesn't even appear. I want to "filter by" in the name column, it appears for all the others columns, except this one. Anyone knows how can I fix it?

Image below to explain. 




Thank you all in advance.

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@narrigib you can't filter on the Name column but if you add the Title column to your view (from Library Settings) and always make sure that in the document properties you add the name (excluding the extension), then you can filter on the Title column.


What I do for some libraries is to have a very simple flow in Power Automate that adds the name of the document into the Title column when the doc is uploaded, so the user doesn't need to remember to update the document properties manually:



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Thank you so so so much!!!

You were really helpful!