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Hey All,

I have set up a Fillable PDF in SharePoint for my team to be able to fill it out to track hours on a project. When I open the PDF in SharePoint it doesn't give me the option to fill it out, I have to download the file from SharePoint in order to insert text and then re upload it to SharePoint. Is there any way to make it so that I can fill out the text in SharePoint using my fillable PDF so that I will not have to continue to re- upload it each time?

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SPO does not provide this feature, to be able to fill a PDF form in SPO you need to have the ability to fill it in PDF Cloud:

@BJacobs it would be much easier to use the built-in features of SharePoint and the Power Platform. For example you could have a Power Apps-customised SharePoint form which the users complete.  If you need the final result to be a PDF you could create that from the entries in the list using a flow in Power Automate. Alternatively you could have a simple Power Apps app which would add the items to your list in SharePoint. A few things there to consider.


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Thank you!!  @RobElliott 

@BJacobs , in SharePoint Online just open the file and then click on the "Open" button which appears at the left of the menu, and then on "Open in browser". This will open the form so that it can be filled in. 

@CologneClaret I can open in Browser but it still doesn't give me the ability to save the PDF. It also doesn't auto save so my only option is to download and upload again. Am I missing something? Thanks

Sorry about the late reply @JollyH.

Once you have filled in the PDF file you can "Print" and select an installed PDF Printer. This will then allow you to choose the destination directory for the completed PDF Form.

Hope this helps.
It’s possible now. Try it again. As you start filling in the pdf, the save button will appear.