files with "+" character in file name are not downloaded when download SharePoint document folder

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Hello There,

When download a SharePoint document folder with all files, any files have "+" character in the file name are not included in the downloaded ZIP file. I added the content from the error log file and the screenshots for you to reproduce the issue.


Thank you!



CorrelationId: d4d937cf-0530-40df-a68d-f442e2c5ff56
UTC DateTime: 05/05/2023 15:40:34

The following files/folders have not been downloaded
0. RDU 5146343/HD+ READ ME.txt
1. RDU 5146343/TCG-4 Updater/bin/libstdc++-6.dll







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The issue with the files containing the "+" character in their file name not being downloaded when downloading a SharePoint document folder is a known issue with SharePoint. This is because the "+" character is a reserved character in URLs and needs to be encoded before being used in a URL.

One workaround for this issue is to rename the files to remove the "+" character before downloading the folder. You can do this by navigating to the document library in SharePoint, selecting the file(s) with the "+" character in their name, clicking on "..." and selecting "Rename". You can then remove the "+" character and save the changes.

Alternatively, you can try using a third-party tool to download the files from the SharePoint document library. These tools may handle special characters in file names differently and could be able to download the files successfully.

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Thanks so much for the information, ShijurajJayaraj!
I have searched Microsoft document and nowhere mentioned that the "+" character is a restricted or reserved character.
As the file with "+" in the name is one of the files in the programming installation, rename the file will cause the installation fail. I will look for some 3rd party tools for download files from SharePoint.
Again, much appreciate.