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This message includes issues I am having with onedrive because I think they might be linked but technical support stated it was a sharepoint issue and separate from the other issue I am having.  I thought it might be helpful to have the whole picture.


I have several folders I had created on my OneDrive duplicate themselves and add the extension of my PC name.  Then the files I create are stored in the one with the PC name extension, not the folder I created.  In 2 cases it picked folders I had set up over a year ago and created this duplicate folder with the extension and moved some of the files over.  It is very strange.  I don't know what is causing it.  I didn't go to the OneDrive folder to set up these folders, they are all created within my documents folder on my PC, they are just synced with OneDrive - and they are all subfolders within other folders - none of which experience the same outcome.


At the same time, I was on the SharePoint server of one of my clients.  I use templates for audits I conduct that are unique to each audit.  I sync those folders to my computer so I don't need to download and upload files - typically that works just fine.  Then I had one audit where it created a folder with a (1) after it (typically signifying a duplicate file/folder on the computer) yet the original without the extended name was not visible, and on the client server it shows up as the folder without the (1).  


I have auto-sync on so it is always syncing the data I enter.  On this one audit, after the fact looking for the records, they are all blank on the server.  So I have lost everything.  I thought maybe it was due to me putting stuff in the (1) folder and the folder out on the server didn't have the extended name so I tested it and took one of the templates on my computer in the (1) folder and put some data in one of the templates.  I then went out to the SharePoint server and the file had been update.  Then since I had to recreate everything as best as I could, I had my client I was auditing send me the sign-in sheet again since she maintained that. I saved it to the SharePoint synced folder with the (1). I went out to the SharePoint server and although it said I had made a change to that file about 10 minutes before which is about right, the file showed up blank!  I have done audits since that audit (not knowing this issue existed until the client went to look at their files) and none of my recent audits have the same issue - they are all fine.


It seems since these are both dealing with folders, and are intermittent, they are linked.  I was on with tech support and they didn't think so (although didn't know the cause of either - they assume it is a OneDrive issue and said I should talk to the SharePoint administrator on the other issue - but the SharePoint administrator has not had anyone have this issue so wouldn't know what to do to fix it).  


Any ideas what could be causing this???  Any idea where my files might be since it was supposedly auto-syncing? first issue - pain in the neck, 2nd issue big risk

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