Filepath error for document on SharePoint page

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Having had Office 365 for 2 years as a company we've decided to look at apps other than calendar, outlook and teams :)


So we have a Sharepoint site and I've set up a page.

I was desperately trying to add the document widget and have it display one particular folder from the documents on the site. I couldn't get it to work and somehow found a setting where I could change the filepath.  

Great I thought, and even remembered to write down the original filepath should my attempt not work.

Alas, it didn't work, and even more alas, now I can't find how to get into the setting to change the filepath back to the original - /allitems


I've even tried setting up a new page, in the desperate hope that my changing of the filepath was unique to that page. Sadly no, the documents widget still doesn't work. I get the following message

This item might not exist or is no longer available


Please advise on where I can change the filepath setting back.



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