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Sharepoint on-premises 2019

We have one "Search Service Application" with a "Content Source", the type of this "Content Source" it's "File Share", the search work very well my problem it's the result have the next url structure "file://chi37b/especificos$/Portal/docsib_py/RCAs/RCAs2012/Rca03912.pdf", whe I try to open this file on "Internet Explorer" work well, but when I try to open using chrome or firefox browser this url doesn't open because it's blocket by the browser for security reasons, someone have any suggestion or recomendations to avoid this error?

Not allowed to load local resource: file://chi37b/especificos$/Portal/docsib_py/DETs/DETs86/Det-fe-00186.pdf#search=rca%20602019-09-30 06_58_42-chi938 - Remote Desktop Connection.png

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@landaida hope you already found a good solution. I think a possible solution might be the IE Mode in Edge.
Or official page:



@Karsten Schneider Hello, I tell you that I have the same problem and I have followed the instructions to activate the compatibility mode but it still does not activate.