File protocol for locally crawled content -- SharePoint 2019 (onwards)

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We utilise SharePoint 2019 to crawl local content on our file shares. I'm noticing that since deploying Chrome/Microsoft Edge, links starting with the "file://" no longer open files in the SharePoint Search results, where the crawled files exist on a file share. (e.g. file://file-server/file-share/filename.pdf).


I appreciate that opening files using the "file://" protocol has been disabled/deprecated in Edge Chromium. I was wondering, however, if there were any workarounds discovered by anyone that you could share.


The closest fix I have been able to find is the IntranetFileLinksEnabled Edge GPO setting (click here). The problem with this workaround is that it only opens the Windows Explorer directory containing the file, and not the file itself. I'm looking for something that would allow us to open the file.

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