File menu options different when document library is embedded in a page

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I created a document library to store our team's sprint documents. Once uploaded, clicking on the 3 dots icon beside the file name reveals a menu with a bunch of options, including "Details". 


When I create a new SharePoint page and then embed the document library, clicking on the 3 dots icon of the same file reveal a different set of options. Also the "Details" link is missing.


Is there a way to make the options in the page with embedded document library the same as when I access the document library directly? My team has a few document types and each type is uploaded to a different document library. 






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@JasonYeung This is the default behavior of library web part on SharePoint pages. There is no way to change the behavior/options on OOTB library web part.

However, you can see the details of file/folder using below link in library web part:


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