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Hi Guys,


I have a Forms that when a new answer is submitted it inserts into a sharepoint list (through power automate).

I have been running some tests for a while, everything was working fine...

Until, it started to insert the number values with "?" in the middle of them (image bellow)



I have tried to switch the type of the field, but It doesnt work


Any suggestion please?




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@jsantos489 you should check the results of your flow that everything there is showing the correct number which I expect it will. So the problem is most likely in the column type in SharePoint. Unless there is a very good reason not to, I tend to use single line of tyext as my default type. So your NIF/NIE column, the telephone number column and possibly some others could all change to single line of text. The Capital Social looks to be a currency field wouldn't be so easy to sort out. But first check the flow results then try using single line of text columns. YOu might need to delete then recreate the columns.


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