Field entries in SharePoint List with ampersand get replaced by ampersand amp semicolon

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I have a SharePoint List created on our corporate SharePoint instantiation.  One field (Single Line of Text) contains customer names, some of which have an ampersand in them.  Example, AT&T.  When I'm editing a record with one of these names, they look normal and can be entered normally.  When I see the List in Grid View, it displays as AT&T.  I just noticed this today and wasn't like this last week.  Is this a known bug? Is there a way to stop it from doing this/workaround?

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@Jim_Davenport it's not a bug, it's how SharePoint interprets an ampersand and has done for 20 years. Not sure there's a way round it but happy to be proved wrong.


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@RobElliott  Thanks for the response.  I guess I was really surprised as I've had data in these fields with the & for a few months and it only now started displaying it in the "code form".  Makes me wonder what changed...

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I learned from my IT group that MS introduced a bug into SharePoint server and backed it out. I had to Stop Sync for my list for the ampersand (and other) issues to be resolved. So & now shows as just an & again. :)