Feedback & Suggestions on SharePoint Online Access Management

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Dear Microsoft Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to provide feedback on the access management features in SharePoint Online. While SharePoint is an essential tool for our organization, we have found that managing access rights has become increasingly complex.

As we scale and add more users, managing individual permissions becomes a challenging task. The current methods of access management can be difficult to navigate, especially when dealing with a large number of users and nested permissions. The complexity of this task is further increased when we need to regularly audit these permissions.

We feel that the process could be simplified and more intuitive, perhaps with features like:

An access management dashboard showing a clear and consolidated view of permissions across all sites.

Easier ways to bulk edit permissions, especially for large groups of users.

More granular reports on permission settings and changes.

Making these improvements could greatly reduce the resources and time we allocate to access management, leading to more efficient operations and heightened data protection. While there are third-party solutions available, they often don't meet the desired standards. I'm convinced that many organizations, like ours, rely on SharePoint for daily operations, and for all of us, effective access management is crucial. It's imperative for Microsoft to provide a solution that adequately addresses access management needs.  

If Microsoft already offers such solutions, I'd appreciate an update. Such a feature would benefit our organization immensely. Additionally, if anyone has insights into Microsoft's future plans for access management, kindly share the details.

Thank you for dedicating your time to review this. I'd greatly value any updates you can provide.

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This is fantastic feedback I recommend you to post in the SharePoint feedback portal so people can vote for the idea:
Anyway, I have not heard Microsoft is going to provide the dashboard you need. On the contrary, they are providing sharing reports at the site level and also as part of Syntex SAM / Premium Licensing you have the Data Access Governance report that provide sharing reports for the whole tenant. I believe that as part of Syntex SAM we will have more governance features coming
Thank you for quick response