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Hi all! This is my first post here, I'm excited to get going in the Sharepoint community. I'm a previous Jive community manager, so I'm familiar with the subject matter, but Sharepoint is a new tool for me. 

I'm in the process of revamping our company's sharepoint homepage, and looking for any ideas. We have a video channel we upload stuff to, and I'd love to get a feed of that channel on our homepage. Currently, we have a text webpart above three video webparts, but that doesn't update when we add a new video to the channel. I couldn't find a webpart that did this, and embedding the link to the channel didn't work. Are any of you using a video channel effectively? How are you promoting the content? Thanks!

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@oonagh_m  First of all Welcome to Microsoft Tech Community and Specifically to Sharepoint Spaces... here is the way we can promote our videos... first of all make sure you are using the modern experience of Sharepoint secondly I am not sure what video channel you are talking about if that is youtube, the best recommendation will be using the Microsoft Stream video channel where you could upload your own corporate content and then inside Sharepoint modern experience you got different web-part which one of them is Steams that you could use. if the Sharepoint site is even a Communication or Hub site.


I am sure you would know the difference between the different Sharepoint sites which are Teams site, Communication site, or Hub site.


Lastly, if you are not well with designing ideas here is the perfect collection of predesigns from Microsoft look book could give you stunning design and look that you could use.... https://lookbook.microsoft.com/#templates


Please share your experience @oonagh_m once again welcome to MTC!