Feature Request: Remove author from news posts/pages

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We have a department in our organization that has an audience of several thousand users. Several news posts are added to the site each day, at the end of the week they are using the News Digest feature to email a collection of the articles. The ability to create items in the site is strictly controlled so 95% of the posts come from one user, "Joe".

Joe is not the actual author, he just has permission to post to the site, and most other users do not. Although he can hide his name on the article page, it shows up in other places, (highlighted content web part for example), and the news digest "comes" from him as well. We would like the ability to have all news posts come from "Site name Manager" instead of Joe. Our organization is opposed to creating Shared accounts, (where multiple users can log in using a common username and password) or to assign a single user, multiple accounts. Obviously SharePoint is goint to record the author, (Created By), but it would be nice to have the ability to conceal it from various communications. 

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I know this is an older thread, and you've probably already figured the fix for this, but when you're in Edit mode in Sharepoint, go to your News section and click on "Edit web part", you'll be able to toggle "Show author" on or off. This removed the authors from both the section preview, and the article page itself.