Feature Request: [Microsoft Lists] Comments as column in table-view or similar new column type

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Im thinking about using the comment-function in microsoft lists

I like the fact, that the tool clusters and automatically adds a timestamp to each added text block --> Basically thats what the comment-function does


But if im using the comment function, i always have to open the topic in the detail-view to get access to the comment section --> Thats why i can imagine two ways to get better access to this function


Solution a)

Comments can be added as column in table-view and also be edited in table-view


Solution b)

Introducing a whole new data type which behaves similar to using comments and can be added as new column

- Continuously adding Multi-line-text

- Added text is automatically clustered in "cards" and Timestamp/User is taken

- Each card/cluster can be deleted individually (such as a comment)



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