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Allow Power App to be added to new page. 





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Hey @Rexter 


also a good idea for feature requests: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback


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@Rexter not sure I understand this request: you can already embed a Power App on a page with the Power Apps web part. We do this a lot, for example with our desk booking app on our intranet:






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Thanks for this. I ran into the booby trap of trying to use the URl option instead of the PA ID. I don't know why the URL option is available when it clearly does not work.
It used to work but Microsoft must have changed something, so you just need the ID.
It is counterintuitive because you can map SharePoint lists via URL's but not Power Apps even though MS documentation states that you can. This is one of many reasons why the platform is way too complicated for citizen users who have to fight through the pretzel logic.
Steely Dan comes to SharePoint :)