Extra space appearing in text of News web part

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The text in a News web part randomly contains one extra space. However, the space does NOT appear in the News page itself.


Example: "simplified program" in the News page may appear as "simplifie d program" in the News web part.


Editing the text on the News page (even though no error appears) usually fixes the problem. However, since this randomly occurs, we cannot simply rely on "proofreading" the page where the web part exists. It makes us look very unprofessional when a consumer reports the "typo" to us.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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@Ann_M Might you or some of your users be subject to First Release? While I've not seen this particular behavior, I have witnessed bizarre errors when some users do things under First Release and others view those things while not using First Release.


@Matt Coats That's an interesting idea. We are set to Targeted release for everyone; Release track users; All.


Thanks for the suggestion. Good to keep in mind, as we are experiencing all sorts of "fun" things.